M30 Cleaner, Degreaser, Lubricant Products Listing

M30 Cleaner, Degreaser, Lubricant Product Information


M30 Stain Remover

M30 Stain Remover is a unique multi-purpose product that is odorless, safe and biodegradable. It's unique because it has two products in one. It removes both oil and and water soluble protein based stains. It's multi-purpose because it can be used virtually anywhere on any washable fabric or surface. M30 can even be used along with detergent in the washing cycle as an extra cleaning agent for severely soiled clothing. Removes grease, tar, ink, paint, varnish, grass stains, crayon, shoe polish, pet stains, blood, perspiration stains, chewing gum, tobacco, nicotine, cosmetics, liquor, berry, fruit juice stains, coffee, tea and many more stubborn stains. M30 stain remover is gentle enough to use on expensive fine art brushes and less expensive than other brush cleaners.


M30 Cleaner Degreaser

M30 Cleaner Degreaser is a powerful concentrated industrial cleaner. It can be used to clean motors, chrome wheels, bar-b-que grills, concrete floors, tools, lawn mowers and patio furniture. M30 can be used in carpet machines and pressure washers. The uses of this superb cleaning agent are limitless! As with all of our product, this degreaser is biodegradable and water soluble. It also works magic with awnings, vinyl siding, storm windows and gutters. M30 cleaner degreaser is a must have around the garage, farm, office and home.


M30 Multi-Purpose Cleaner

M30 multi-purpose cleaner is a super strength concentrated household cleaner that can be utilized in every room of the house and beyond. Its powerful enough to cut grease and burnt on grime in the grill and oven. Works wonders on dirt and soap scum in the bathroom. Cleans trash cans, shower doors, porcelain, formica, blinds, sinks, linoleum, cabinets, diaper pails, baseboards, toilet bowls, stainless steel and any hard surface. As powerful as M30 multi-purpose cleaner is, it is still biodegradable and water soluble.


M30 Rubber Lubricant

M30 Rubber Lubricant is perfect for tire mounting. It lubricates to protect against bead damage and help seat the tire to rim. M30 will not cause rust or slipping of the tire on the rim. It is also a safe, effective lubricant for stopping squeaks in bushings, shock absorber linkages, rubber grommets, pads, weather stripping and virtually all other rubber parts. M30 also cleans the factory coating from new tires. M30 rubber lubricant cleans and gives a like new finish to any color rubber or vinyl. Works magic on vinyl upholstery.


M30 Original Hand Cleaner

M30 Original Hand Cleaner quickly removes severe soils and grime... gets dirty hands clean fast! M30 original hand cleaner removes grease, tar, ink, adhesives, pipe gunk, gasket cement, and carbon from hands, skin and hair. A light fragrance leaves hands smelling clean. M30 contains a blend of skin conditioning essential oils which include lanolin and aloe. It also inhibits the growth of bacteria and mold. M30 original hand cleaner contains biodegradable surfactants, has a controlled PH and is USDA approved. M30 original hand cleaner can be used with or without water.


M30 Original With Pumice Hand Cleaner

M30 Original with Pumice Hand Cleaner deep cleans with the powerful action of pumice for increased cleaning power on the most severe soils and deeply embedded grime.  


M30 Citrus Hand Cleaner

M30 Citrus Hand Cleaner has the same features and ingredients as the M30 Original Hand Cleaner plus natural citrus for added solvency.


M30 Citrus With Pumice Hand Cleaner

M30 Citrus Hand Cleaner combined with the powerful action of pumice for increased cleaning power.


M30 Natural Citrus Lotion Hand Cleaner

M30 Natural Citrus Lotion Hand Cleaner quickly removes a wide variety of soils and grime including grease, printer's ink, carbon, adhesives, paint and gasket cement from hands, skin and hard surfaces. This product is 100% petroleum free, contains biodegradable surfactants, skin conditioning essential oils (lanolin and aloe), and inhibits growth of bacteria and mold. Pumice is added for increased cleaning power.